Wednesday, January 25, 2006

A minute of inspiration...

Here's something I whipped up at work on a moment's notice.... didn't even really know I was doing it until it was already done. The first person I showed it to mentioned that it was quite possibly the saddest poem he'd ever read, and that I may want to go see someone that can help me with my "inner problems". Personally, I just think it's a badly written poem. You decide.


"Random Thoughts"

Where's it all going? What's it mean? Yesterday, it was there. Today, it wasn't. I don't know how to interpret it anymore. Do you? Tired. Hungry. Yes. Random thoughts. Fractured clouds. Gravity dreams.

To feel.

A broken heart is of no use to anyone. A mended heart can love again. Try not to step on the flowers. Stay off the grass. No smoking. You were warned. Desperate. Tired. Random Thoughts. Delicate fractures. Invisible desires.

To want.

Closed eyes can see nothing. The caress of a slight wind can feel like the touch of a loved one. Find her. Look harder. Defeated. Desperate.

To need.

Her smile makes the world alive. Fractured clouds heal as a mending heart does. Gravity only hurts when you let it. Do not be sad that you have lost her. Be happy for the time you had. Treasure her. Remember her. Sad. Alone.

To miss her.
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Monday, January 23, 2006

Earth to Chris

Sorry about the hiatus I've been on lately. There have been several things in my life which have been demanding my complete attention lately, and poker/blogging has been jammed in somewhere at the bottom of my list of things to do.


Let's see... I put $200 on Party tonight, to test the waters. I have about $600 just sitting at Full Tilt right now. I may withdraw that and start bonus whoring again. I'm currently playing at a $25NL 6max table, and a $20NL SnG.


What is left of my sanity must be used to tie up these games, and get my ass to bed.

More to come at some point in the near future.
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Friday, January 13, 2006

$20+5 rebuy report

Made it pretty deep this time. There were 30 players, 1st place was just over 1k. I played super tight, so there isn't too much to tell. A few highlights from the tournament:

45 minutes into the second level, I got pocket kings twice in a row, doubled up with both of them.

Middle of the third level, I pick up Aces UTG. I raise it up (2x) everyone folds to the BB, who min-raises. I pretend to think for a while, then make a min-reraise and he insta-pushes. I call and he flips kings. No help and he's out.

Fold for a while....

Two tables, 6 handed. Pocket Jacks. I raise it up, get one caller. Flop is 2JQ. I bet, guy raises over the top, and I push. He calls me with QQ. What a cooler.

I'm happy with my play overall. I don't think I could have done much about the last hand, set-over-set.... I mean, I was putting him on two paint cards, but the range is pretty big. This guy would have called with AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ, and probably QT. I have to assume I'm a favorite here, and when I'm not... well, that's just the breaks.

More to come soon. Feel free to leave criticism on my play. Can't get better withot finding the leaks in your game. If anyone needs more details, just ask.
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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Off to a good start!

Yes. Well *ahem*. My second tourney of the new year. Game in question: $20+5 rebuy tournament. The $5 fee is a fuckin' ripoff if you ask me, but I have nothing better to do on Tuesday nights, so whatever. The rebuys are $25, but this extra $5 goes into the purse. Same with the addon. There were 28 players.

I really felt like I was playing my A game last night. I tried to play as consistently as possible, thinking and re-thinking decisions before just blindly pushing, or folding on a whim. In the first 2 levels, I managed to double up on two separate occassions. In the first of the two, I flopped a set holding KK and induced an all-in bluff from an early position big stack holding 55. Couple hands later, I found AK suited, raised from early position and saw a 5 handed flop of KK3. I checked, EP+1 bet out, CO folds, button pushes, I call and EP+1 folds. Button flips QQ.

Into the second half of the tournament, I played very few hands until we reached the final table. My plan was to loosen up just a little and try to start stealing some blinds. I never had the opportunity... in the first four hands at the final table, 3 people busted out after having their all-ins called preflop by the big stack, who busted ALL FOUR.

5 handed, in the BB. Raised with JJ, everyone calls. Flop is rainbow rag board, no connectors. I push for about the size of the pot, big stack calls me. He doesn't catch his ace and I'm the second largest stack at the table.

(2 people go out on complete bluff all-ins. Big stack takes them out too.)

3 handed. A3s on the button. I raise, SB pushes, BB folds. SB doesn't have a large stack, it's only 2x the BB to call, so I do. He flips K8o. Catches a K on the flop and I double him up.

Few hands later, same guy raises from the blinds, but this time, gets put all in by the big stack. Raiser flips 99, Big stack flips TT. Neither of them hit anything, and we're 2 handed.

First hand heads up, I double up with 24 when I flop a straight.

A few hands later, the deciding moment...... Here's a hand history I made:

Seat 1: Chris (T18,500 in chips)
Seat 2: Solid Opponent (T21,500 in chips)
Chris: posts small blind T1000
Solid Opponent: posts big blind T2000
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to Chris [Qc Jc]
Chris: calls T1000 to T2000
Solid Opponent: raises T2000
Chris: raises T4000 to T18,500 (all in)
Solid Opponent: calls T12,500
Solid Opponent: shows [Qh 9s]

*** FLOP *** [3c 5d 6c]
*** TURN *** [3c 5d 6c] [9d]
*** RIVER *** [3c 5d 6c 9d] [As]

*** SHOW DOWN ***
Solid Opponent: [Qh 9s] (a pair of nines)
Chris: [Qc Jc] (Ace Queen high)
Solid Opponent collected T37,000 from pot


Out in 2nd ($360). I deserved 1st ($730).

I'm happy with this tournament. I think I played well, and If I can hold my play together like I did last night, this will be the first of MANY similar posts.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

TiltMonster Part III

Yeah........ I still want to throw up.
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TiltMonster Part II

Well, I made it deep, and got busted out on a hand that nearly made me sick.

I'm UTG with 6k. AsAc. Blinds are 100-200. I raise it to 600.
UTG+1 (8k stack) calls, everyone else folds.

Flop : 358, all spades. I check, UTG+1 bets 1.5k, I jam for my remaining 5400. He ponders forever, and calls with Kh9h.............

Turn 9d, river Kc.

I want to throw up.
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Gonna be playing in a smallish rebuy tournament tonight. Gotta keep my head on straight. One of my biggest problems when it comes to tournaments with horrible structures is that when the blinds start getting to be large and my stack all of a sudden isn't quite as large as it used to be, I start to feel pressured to pick a hand and jam with it. Now, I know that this isn't all bad.... but I don't feel confident that I pick my spots well. Usually, I can do this once or twice and get away with stealing the blinds, and then I'll wait for a bit, then jam with something retarded like Q4, because I'm on the button and everyone's folded to me. Then the BB will call with like A2 and neither of us will hit. So my new rule for tonight is.... if I start feeling pressured, unless I'm forced in with the blinds, I'm going to try and be a little more patient and see what happens.
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